This project chronicles the black labor movement in New Orleans (named earlier as Bvlbancha). We start the timeline in the reality of a slave-based society and move through the decades to arrive at today's neoliberal capitalist order of low-wage and fractured work force. Building resistance through organizing for people power was as necessary then as it is now. Here you will find visual and audio stories and information about the Black Workers' Movement, grounded in this place.  If you have events to contribute to this project or if you would like any additional information or reference materials, please email us at

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Relive the pivotal moments in New Orleans Labor Movement History! Click here for more...

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Review our LIVING HISTORY to learn more about the many wins and losses during the Black Workers Labor Movement in New Orleans.

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Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans at full force on August 29, 2005.  The injustices black and brown workers faced in its aftermath sparked an organizing movement that still reverberates today! 

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