Meet Ursula Price

Executive Director

Ursula Price is the Executive Director of the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice, an organization committed to racial, gender, and immigrant justice; and dedicated to building power at the intersection of race and the economy. Ursula is an accomplished criminal justice reform champion with deep roots in community organizing. Born and raised in rural Mississippi, Ursula has been organizing for criminal justice reform in New Orleans since 2001. She joined Safe Streets/Strong Communities as a community organizer in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and helped drive a historic campaign for police accountability. This led to the creation of the Independent Police Monitor, which Ursula joined in 2010 and has helped lead for the last eight years.
As Deputy Police Monitor, Ursula has led a team that holds the New Orleans Police Department accountable to the community through independent, real-time monitoring of misconduct investigations and data analysis. As Director of Community Relations, she has helped develop a police/community mediation program, rights, and responsibilities curriculum and guide, and helped organize New Orleans’ first public forum in which officers and civilians utilized OIPM research and data to work together to develop anti-retaliation policy. Ursula is on the board of BreakOUT! and is an experienced fundraiser and organizational development thinker. Ursula joined the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice as its new Executive Director in 2018. She will work with NOWCRJ as it continues to lean into advocating for criminal justice reform, including the elimination of fines and fees that criminalize poverty, expanding anti-bias policies to police departments beyond New Orleans, and pushing back on the unchecked expansion of the city’s surveillance apparatus. She is passionate about member-led organizing and about building diverse coalitions that span urban and rural communities, that unite Black and Brown workers and that bring an explicit gender lens to the work.