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Join us for the "Understanding and Exercising Your Rights: A Community Dialogue on Harm Reduction" event, designed to create a safe and informative space for community members to learn about their rights in interactions with law enforcement and immigration officials. The heart of the event lies in a dynamic group discussion featuring expert panelists covering legal rights, immigration laws, community organizing tactics, and law enforcement strategies. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in breakout sessions, including role-playing scenarios and group discussions, focusing on knowing your rights with law enforcement and understanding immigration rights.

The event wraps up with closing remarks, summarizing key takeaways, and a call to action for continued education,  Don't miss the chance to enjoy dinner, mingle, and connect during the informal networking session. This event aligns with the principles outlined in the Black Worker Bill of Rights, emphasizing the right to organize, assert and have rights enforced, health, healing, rest, privacy, freedom from surveillance, monitoring, automated management, control, and participation in democracy. Be part of this important dialogue and strengthen our community's understanding and exercise of fundamental rights. #KnowYourRights #CommunityDialogue #EmpowermentEvent

Project Gallery

"DONT' STAND ALONE”: Black Labor Organizing in New Orleans – a mobile exhibit

Black New Orleanians’ importance to organizing in workplaces and leading an innovative local labor movement often goes under the radar in the history books and in public consciousness. This exhibition highlights under-recognized industries and under-valued events in New Orleans' history from the Reconstruction era to the present where Black residents have had a crucial role. 


Based on years of a community-university research collaboration led by NOWCRJ, the public will have the opportunity to reflect on the past, present, and future of Black-led labor organizing in the Crescent City.  

The exhibition opens on March 14, 2024, at the Small Center, 1725 Baronne St., and runs through May 10th.


Do you work or live near a community space where this exhibition would be a great temporary addition? Email!

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