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About the Communications Specialist Position:

The Communications Specialist has the unique role of ensuring that the mission, vision, and actions of NOWCRJ are regularly communicated in ways that resonate with our constituents, key audiences, and the general public.  The public’s understanding of the nature and importance of our work must be aligned with how our members want to be viewed and understood.  The position requires that the incumbent work collaboratively with staff, members, and stakeholders to identify and ensure the utilization of the most appropriate vehicles to communicate with various audiences.  This position is based in New Orleans, LA. The communications specialist will report to the Executive Director.

Specifically, the Communications Specialist has the responsibility to:

Develop and Run an Overall Communications Strategy for the Workers Center

  • Work with Senior staff to develop and implement an overall communications plan for the organization that advances our goals and mission. 

  • Work with organizers to support the development of program-related communication, such as member newsletters.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with national, state, and local media outlets and journalists across print, broadcast, and social media working as an aggressive and quick-thinking originator of stories to pitch


Provide Communication Support on Campaigns

  • Collaborate with organizers and members to create a communication strategy in the service of our member-driven campaigns.

  • Collaborate with organizers and members in producing a core narrative for each campaign.

  • Produce/supervise the production of press releases, ally communications, short videos

  • Coordinate media, etc., for actions and events.

  • Work with organizers and members to find communications opportunities

  • Prepare organizers and members to drive our core narrative.

Develop and Implement/Ensure Implementation of Crisis Communication Plan

  • Work with staff and leadership to identify the range of challenges that may confront NOWCRJ, conducting strategic sessions to anticipate potential threats as well as tactics and activities to respond to those threats.

  • Building on that work of problem/threat identification and anticipation, develop a “toolkit” of internally-facing communications processes and expectations as well as and externally-facing activities and tactics designed to ensure preparedness for effective response to critical incidents


Train and/or instruct leadership, staff, and members on the protocols to be followed in the event of critical incidents, to ensure the opportunity to

  • Define the issue

  • Develop a message framework for electronic, written, and verbal communications

  • Rapidly respond with an identifiable public voice for press statements, interviews, and social media

  • Monitor to stay ahead of the story

  • Maintain contact and engagement with media and other stakeholders

Develop Staff Capacity on Communications

  • Provide training and develop the capacity of staff and members to contribute to communications efforts

  • Work with staff to develop narratives, content, and other material for overall communications strategy

  • Lead integration of communications efforts into the organizational culture and work


Enhance Social Media and Web Presence

  • Develop, maintain and update the website, ensuring the inclusion of updates on work efforts and blog posts

  • Oversee the development and production of regular web/email communications to allies. This includes planning, writing, soliciting content, and editing a regular newsletter and other communications.


Support Development Efforts

  • Provide communications assistance to development staff, including helping to produce highlights, crafting funder communications, and editing materials for funders as needed.

  • Provide photos and other media as necessary to support development efforts.

Other Duties as Required:

This is not a 9 to 5 job—long and varied hours, with early morning, evening, weekend work is required.



The job requires a high degree of motivation and the ability to take initiative.  A successful applicant will have the following qualities:

  • Deep dedication to the leadership of directly affected people 

  • Faith in poor peoples’ ability to transform the world 

  • Patience and stamina 

  • The ability to work well under pressure 

  • Love of teamwork and team building 


In addition, the successful applicant will have the following skills, abilities, and experience:

Ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences and write quickly in a compelling manner about multiple topics;

Energetic ability to multi-task and manage projects in a fast-paced and changeable environment;

Willingness to incorporate multiple teams and stakeholders in communications efforts when needed


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong digital and web media skills

  • Strong strategic and political analytical thinking

  • Experience in the pro-black movements, immigrant rights movements, or the labor movement



To apply:

  • [Excitement about] working in a multi-racial team

  • Spanish language skills and/or experience with language justice preferred




Applications will only be accepted electronically.  Please thoroughly answer the four (4) questions below and submit as an attachment, along with your resume as a separate document, in an email and send to Type your first name, last name, and the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email. Please include a daytime phone number where we can contact you.  Application process will be open until the position is filled. 


1.      What about NOWCRJ’s work most excites or interests you?

2.      Have you ever been involved in any of the organization's campaigns, events, or membership before? If so, please share when/how.

3.      What is the biggest strength you bring to a team setting?

4.      What does liberation look like for your community?

In addition to the cover letter and resume, please review the contents of the NOWCRJ website and FaceBook pages and complete a brief written analysis  (2 pages or less) of existing NOWCRJ communications approaches, including perceptions of current and anticipated audiences, assessment of existing communication channels and content, and identification of approaches you would consider to improve our reach to current and potential audiences.

Your resume will be evaluated to determine if you meet the Qualifications, described above; if you meet the Qualifications, the contents of the brief written analysis you provide and the contents of your resume will form the basis of interviews with NOWCRJ staff.

The application process will be open until the position is filled.


NOWCRJ is an equal opportunity employer.  Women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals strongly encouraged to apply

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