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The New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice is a multi-racial membership-based organization dedicated to building the power and participation of poor people to expand democracy and transform the economy. We organize directly affected people and couple their courage with strategic organizing, legal, policy, and communications work to build campaigns that advance racial justice, immigrant rights, and a fair economy. Our members are Black and immigrant workers and families in New Orleans and the Gulf South. Over the last fifteen years, the Center's organizing and policy victories have substantially improved the material conditions for poor people in the South. Together with our allies, we are advancing a movement to fight for dignified work, racial justice, a liberation that transcends borders, and our full participation in every decision that affects our lives.  


New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice needs a Development Consultant. It is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal ("RFP") to find a qualified source to develop and implement development plans to support administrative operations and activities across all units that support the organization's work. 


This Request for Proposal aims to locate a source that will provide the best overall value to NOWCRJ.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

The following submission guidelines & requirements apply to this Request for Proposal:

Please send proposals to:
Submission deadline: December 5, 2022 

  • Only qualified individuals or firms with prior experience on projects such as this should submit proposals in response to this Request for Proposal.

  • Bidders must list at least three projects substantially similar to this project as part of their response, including references for each. Provide examples of your work, as well.  

  • Provide a technical proposal with a proposed overview solution and resumes of all key personnel performing the work. In addition, the plan should provide a proposed schedule and milestones, as applicable.

  • A price proposal must be provided and should indicate the project's overall fixed price, hourly rates, and an estimated number of hours.

  • An authorized representative of the bidder's company must sign the proposals.

  • If you have a standard set of terms and conditions, please submit them with your proposal. All terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation.

  • Proposals must remain valid for 30 days.

  • NOWCRJ anticipates selecting at least two individuals or firms to have more in-depth discussions with and will make an award to one of these "down-selected" individuals or firms.


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